HitchCut - Hairdresser Frankfurt am Main

Specialist in men's haircuts

My promise to my customers

The first impression is important - and the hairstyle is one of them. A haircut accompanies you for weeks and makes an impression on everyone you meet.

I am passionate about craftsmanship and, as the owner, personally take care of every customer. Therefore I can promise the following:

  • Expert advice to suit your style
  • A perfect haircut
  • Styling that suits your type
  • Your satisfaction.
Hairdresser at work


Quality is the claim of HitchCut in every single work step. I take the time it takes to achieve the best possible result - whether with scissors, a machine or a razor.

Customer before and after advice and hair cut

Style advice

I am happy to support you if you want to try something new. If you already have a dream hairstyle, my experience will help you to implement it. If you don't have an idea yet, I'm happy to make suggestions that suit you.

Hairdresser giving a head massage


HitchCut is all about you - whether it's talking points or or your drink preferences. In the premium package you can enjoy the haircut with a glass of whiskey or rum and then relax with a head massage.

My long opening hours until late in the evening allow even men with little time to visit the hairdresser in a relaxed manner.

Whisky and water for the customer


The friendly atmosphere at HitchCut ensures your relaxation. The things that make a visit to the hairdresser an experience are not neglected here either: the exchange of news, networking and fun.

What to expect at HitchCut

You want a professional haircut? Then you've come to the right place! Whether you want to try a new style or add shape to your current hairstyle, I will bring my many years of experience to bear. You benefit from the fact that I have cut mullet, topknot, undercut and many other men's hairstyles so many times that I can do it in my sleep - but don't worry, if you visit me, you will have my full attention. Even the supposed little things are important to me: a hair whorl is not a disturbing factor, but part of you and must be integrated into your hairstyle accordingly. I will be happy to explain how this works to you on site. .

For the individual advice, I take into account not only hair whorl and hair growth direction, but also your environment and outfit, in which you are usually go - provided, of course, that you want to tell me about it. So that you can cope well with your haircut at home, I give you styling tips on the way. If your dream hairstyle requires longer hair than you currently have, I will be happy to accompany you for months along the way and make sure that you have a perfectly fitting hairstyle at all times until the hair is long enough to make your dream come true.

Not only your hairstyle is important to me, you should also feel comfortable during your visit and use the time to relax. Therefore, I offer you drinks such as coffee, cappuccino or tea and in the case of the Premium Package also rum or whiskey. If you wish, you will receive a relaxing head massage at the end. A head and back massage can also be booked separately.

About me

Hello, my name is Heike Denfeld, the master and owner of HitchCut. I have been running my salon for ten years and personally take care of my customers. I have been passionate about hairdressing for many years and have specialized entirely in men's hairstyles.

With me you get quality and therefore sustainability. This means that your hairstyle stays in shape longer and you have to go to the hairdresser less often.