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Heike Denfeld-Schalke
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No warning without previous contact!

Should the content or the presentation of these pages infringe the rights of third parties or statutory provisions, I politely ask for a corresponding message without cost note. I am happy about every hint regarding optimization. The elimination of any infringement of industrial property rights that may arise from these pages will then, of course, be carried out voluntarily and immediately without any further administrative effort.

I wish to live in peace with those around me and have no intention of infringing on the rights or feelings of others. Even if there is no legal basis, I am always open to your change requests and will be happy to consider them if necessary, even if I would not be legally obliged to do so. As a small company with the goal of contributing to the well-being of my clients, it is important to me to limit legal topics to the necessary minimum.

I guarantee that passages and images that are justifiably objected to will be removed immediately, without you having to involve legal counsel. Nevertheless, I have to reject in full any costs incurred by you without prior contact and, if necessary, submit a counterclaim by my company lawyer for non-observance of the aforementioned passages, which unequivocally express good will and the associated generation of unnecessary costs.

Thank you for your understanding and to a good and friendly cooperation!

Best regards,

Yours Heike Denfeld-Schalke - owner