The hairdressing salon in Frankfurt

My hair salon is bright and friendly due to the large windows, which is further enhanced by plants. Since it is located on the first floor of a beautiful old building, it has no shop window, which protects you from prying eyes when visiting. Thus, my hair studio is perfect for celebrities and all those who just want to relax in peace.

So that you still know what to expect, I would like to introduce you to my hair studio on a few pictures. The recordings are by Lando Hass, whom I would like to thank at this point. His portfolio of photos can be found on his page:

The rooms of my salon

The reception room with the reverse sink


In this room you will be welcomed, here your hair will be washed and here you will also be bid farewell - if you want also with a delicious Mozartkugel

At the window you will see the massage chair on which you sit during the neck and back massage.

Cutting room with hairdresser's chair

Cutting room

This is the second room with the chair where you will be styled. The plants create a feel-good atmosphere and protect against views from the hotel opposite.

Relaxation room with antique furniture

Relaxation room

I spend the break on stylish furniture in my relaxation room, preferably with a cup of tea. That's why tea is always available when you visit me - for my regular customers just in between when they are nearby and want to chat a little.

Shelf with Whisky, Rum, and other spirits

Stylish indulgence

The manor house atmosphere in my salon is rounded off by spirits - whisky, rum or gin - according to your taste.

Pets of my salon

I like nature and therefore have animal inhabitants in my hair salon in addition to many plants.

Musk turtle in my aquarium


My musk turtle Schildi has accompanied me for ten years in all the salons I have built up over time. She shares the aquarium with two cichlids.

Panther chameleon feeding


My panther chameleon Dino is new to the salon and has a terrarium to himself. If you are lucky, you can be part of his visit to HitchCut feeding the little dinosaur.