Price list hairdresser HitchCut 2023

You will be looked after personally by the master

Package Duration Price
HitchCut Mobile psb plus 5 €
I will visit you at home and offer all the services listed below in Frankfurt and Offenbach at an additional cost of 5 €
HitchCut Basic 1/2 h 38 €
Hair cut and styling tips for at home - Please come with clean and product-free hair
HitchCut Standard 3/4 h 56 €
Detailed advice, washing, type-appropriate cut, styling & styling tips for at home, incl. 1 non-alcoholic drink
HitchCut Premium 1 h 65 €
Detailed advice, washing, type-appropriate cut, styling & styling tips for at home, head massage with hair tonic, incl. 1 glass of whiskey / rum
HitchCut Beard Styling 3/4 h 56 €
Trimming to the individual beard shape / contour cut with the knife using high-quality Italian products
Head 'n Soul 1/2 h 42 €
Head / Neck / Back: Dr. Schalke's effective and proven relaxation massage
HitchCut Perm 1-2 h from 100 €
Curls of all sizes to suit your style

Services for men with style

HitchCut Mobile

Since you've been working from home, you can't get to the city centre anymore? No problem, then I will come to you and offer you the same service there as in my salon. If your employer allows it, I can also visit you in the office and, if necessary, beautify a few colleagues - then you can even share the travel costs.

HitchCut Basic

If you want to go fast, HitchCut Basic is your package. The prerequisite is that you come with clean and product-free hair, because I focus exclusively on cutting in this package.

HitchCut Standard

If style advice and hairstyle are the focus, HitchCut Standard is the package for you. You will receive a detailed advice that takes into account your hair growth and style. Your hair will be washed, cut and styled and I will give you styling tips for at home, because it is important to me that you not only look good immediately after visiting the hairdresser, but also get along well with your hairstyle later. To enjoy your visit, you will receive a soft drink.

HitchCut Premium

If you want more than just style advice and a hairstyle, I recommend HitchCut Premium. You will receive advice that matches your style, which also takes into account hair growth and swivels; Hair washing, haircut and styling are of course part of the package, as are the styling tips for at home. In addition, during the haircut you will receive 2 cl of high-proof - whisky, rum, or schnapps according to your taste - and at the end a relaxing head massage with fragrant hair tonics.

HitchCut Beard Styling

I would be happy to advise you on which beard suits you. Your beard is trimmed to your individual beard shape and the contours are shaved with the razor using high-quality pre- and aftershave products.

Head 'n Soul

Need a creative break from your stressful job? Are you tense from sitting at your desk or in the car? Then I recommend Head 'n Soul, my package for your relaxation. The head massage stimulates the circulation of your scalp and my clients feel more alert afterwards. The neck and back massage serves to relax your muscles and soothes the aching back.

HitchCut Perm

If you have always wanted curls or want to refresh your existing curls, I offer you a perm. I have curlers in all sizes, so you can definitely find sizes that match your style.